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“16 years” revels in boywithahalo’s self-restraint and ability to tap into an entire mood.

boywithahalo - 16 years

A hushed reverence defines boywithahalo’s exquisite journey on “16 years”. The delicacy of the track is divine to behold. Hushed awe seems to radiate throughout the whole of the piece for they make sure the many elements always have a respect to them. By forgoing the loud and going for subtle, quiet gestures the song gains a particular poignancy, one that has an honesty behind it. By far though the lyrics tie the whole thing together, sung with such passion behind them. Each word selected with care to ensure that there is not a single wasted moment. For this piece balance is the trick as is the slow but steady rhythm.

The tempo has a casual quality to it, more meditative than anything else. Little gestures reverberate within the large space, making it a true joy to behold. Swirling about in a shoegaze sort of way, the ambience that lingers on over the duration of the piece is something quite tender. Nothing here is overdone the minimalism works wonders to give it an impressionistic flavor. More akin to a classical musician, the work is allowed great liberties in terms of taking its time to slowly but surely explore the whole space. Vocals may not be loud but they are assured as it becomes something to get truly lost in, even in its quietness. Within the entirety of the piece there is a symphonic element, of quiet whispers wandering away.

“16 years” revels in boywithahalo’s self-restraint and ability to tap into an entire mood.

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