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1NEXCITY “No Peace” strips the narrative down to the essentials with a spirit that feels so intense.

1NEXCITY - No Peace

1NEXCITY delves into a high-energy, no-holds-barred approach on the old school meets new school hip-hop flavour of “No Peace”. Lyrics here cut to the very core and they are delivered with razor-sharp focus. His voice has a sense of urgency behind it from which all else flows. Rhythms go for a low-slung bass hit, as the entirety of the track rumbles on through with a force of nature presence to it. Everything here is mixed perfectly and the way the audio has a crisp nimbleness to it further adds to its overwhelming power.

The morphed warped sample introduces the sound and in fact sets the tone for what follows. Nods to Yung Lean’s approach feels to be unavoidable, as the song has the same sort of unique tact. Percussion hits hard for the sheer hit of the bass further adds to its intensity, as the lyrics have a wild feral energy to it. Word play is phenomenal as the entire song unfurls in a way that adds to its almost otherworldly poignancy. By adding so much into the fray the song has a fearless quality to it, as every single line is balanced for maximum impact. Additionally, keeping the arrangement down to the basics ensures that the message has a great power behind it with a message that lingers on in the mind.

“No Peace” proves 1NEXCITY to be a rapper of the highest calibre as he strips the narrative down to the essentials with a spirit that feels so intense.



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