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A barely concealed fury takes shape on Hawker’s powerful brutality of “Balboas”.

Hawker – Balboas

A barely concealed fury takes shape on Hawker’s powerful brutality of “Balboas”. Grunge, hard rock, and drone merge to become one. Lots of distortion enters into the fray making sure that the riffs are laced with a degree of threat to them. Vocals force themselves through the din helping to tie the whole of the experience together. With volume a given, the song virtually crashes over the listener. Buildup adds to the majesty of the track for they make sure to utilize a heaviness to the sound. Everything here features a tension, one that does not let up.

The metallic gleam of the sound starts things up immediately. With the buzzing of the guitar the song starts up in earnest. Ragged, rugged riffs have a wildness to them. Feral with fury the sound churns working itself up into a frenzy. To their credit they hold back on the attack for a while, instead ratcheting up the anxiety provoked by the sound. Over the course of the journey volume is an absolute must for they incorporate lessons learned from groups like Earth, Alice in Chains and similarly tortured groups. By sprawling the sound way out they give the song a rather symphonic quality, with the guitar reverberating throughout the entirety of the piece. Like sides of a coin though, the latter half lets it rip with guitar soaring up into the sky and blistering vocals that burrow deep into the mind.

“Balboas” delivers a true force of nature for Hawker possess some truly incredible chops.



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