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A bold take on rap proving Pariz to be a true master of his craft.

Pariz - Crank Dat (feat. Milano The Don)

Pariz “Crank Dat (feat. Milano The Don)” delivers a brutal assault on the very senses with the noise/hip-hop flavour of “Crank Dat”. Utilizing an intense power to the sound, the way that it hits the listener feels unreal. Elements of Death Grips’ confrontational tactics as well as experimental composer Ben Frost’s usage of white noise enters into the fray. Their resulting piece has an urgency about it for their vocals seem to neatly reflect the tension that surrounds them. Volume is a given for the way they let it all grow feels outright beautiful to behold, even if that beauty is of a dark twisted nature. Little flourishes of gothic and industrial breathes some further inspiration into the piece.

Right from the very beginning they hit the listener hard with some wonderful jagged edges. The shrapnel of the sound becomes readily apparent, for they allow the piece to expand out into the infinite. Building up the anxious mood just right, when they finally release the actual noise, literally bringing the noise, the sound feels confrontational. Best of all they hold this unpleasant tone which helps to highlight the dark mood of the piece. Evolution of the groove gives it a taut look, akin to wonderful mutant take on classic hip-hop to make it something far fiercer. Never letting up the whole of the track is something wonderfully eerie.

“Crank Dat (feat. Milano The Don)” offers an unflinching, bold take on rap proving Pariz to be a true master of his craft.



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