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A bombastic piece of pop, Cam Coda holds nothing back on the intense trip of “Coping Mechanisms”.

Cam Coda - Coping Mechanisms

A bombastic piece of pop, Cam Coda holds nothing back on the intense trip of “Coping Mechanisms”. The vast, furious sound grows and grows in unexpectedly powerful ways. Behind their approach there is a physicality to the entirety of the work, one that has a delirious effect. Layer upon layer adds to the psychedelic mixture, for there is a great approach of textural detail within the whole piece. Stylistically rooted in pop, they draw additionally from dubstep’s noisy bass drops, the energy of EDM, and the raw jagged edges of electro. All of this comes together in service of her vocals which have a sheer urgency to them, with every lyric adding to the need for comfort that seems to underpin the message.

The chords hit with a hardness as the song comes into focus. Her voice immediately comes to the front and center of the entirety of the piece. Everything here works, as she makes sure every gesture matters. With the tension built up and up, the song’s anxious attitude is brought all the way to the brink. By allowing it all to work itself into a frenzy the song has a delirium to it. Upon entering into the dubstep section, it moves into a whole other level, for the sheer overflow of energy is a wonderful thing to experience. Intelligently designed, the whole of the thing has a sharpness to it.

“Coping Mechanisms” shows off Cam Coda’s uncanny ability to tap into the uncertainty of the world right now and the endless frustrations it can create.

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