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A brutal, brooding industrial pop emerges with Killer Cashew’s “Cellophane Dreams”.

Killer Cashew - Cellophane Dreams

A brutal, brooding industrial pop emerges with Killer Cashew’s “Cellophane Dreams”. The song has an intense urgency about it. Lyrics have a great amount of balance about them, for the verses feature exquisite word choice. The song does not make volume an option it is a necessity for theirs is a force of nature to be reckoned with, as it all has a bit of chaos about it. With this uncertainty the song grows and grows. Various fevered visions enter into the mix as there is a kaleidoscopic swirl. Far from something dreamy theirs trades in stark brutal truths.

The beginning of the sound goes right for the jugular and they do not let up. Over the course of the whole track they hold that energy up in a steady way. By allowing the many elements to burst off each other, there is almost a supersaturated Nine Inch Nails quality to it. Stark and highly aggressive they make sure that the piece cascades ever downwards resulting in just the right degree of splendour. Vocals swim through the din ensuring that the tension builds and builds, raging underneath the rest of the churning mix. By allowing these many elements room to roam and expand, the whole of the piece feels quite vibrant indeed. For the finale there is a true sense of disorientation for they make sure it all comes together in a radiant, chaotic fashion.

“Cellophane Dreams” goes for a crystal clarity, a tremendous focus that revels in the thoughtfulness of Killer Cashew.



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