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A cautious optimism informs Nordbo’s delicate “Hope”.

Nordbo – Hope

A cautious optimism informs Nordbo’s delicate “Hope”. Downtempo, hip-hop, funk, and pop come together in an unassuming mix. The production features a gracefulness to it. Rather than go for the trendy theirs is a much more timeless approach. With a good ear for melody the song rises up, ever so gently. Nods to the current state of the world, one of fear yet determined, helps to further inform the piece. By allowing this unspoken narrative into the scope of the work there is a bit of a journey that takes place. Every element here matters for the minimalism further emphasizes the emotional heft of the work.

Little flourishes start things off. Tiny details come into the forefront. Amplified by volume and the addition of new textures the piece starts to settle into a discernible groove. Upon the beats hitting it starts to increase the tempo, ever so slightly. Patterns here intermingle, woven together to give them a deliberate sense of impermanence. Yet, even with this, the anchor of the initial theme adds to the sense of meditation that the song reflects upon. Nods to some of the more chilled-out moments of Daft Punk, especially their discovery phase, alongside some neat 80s R&B soul, adds to the work. For however gentle the piece starts out with, it gradually gains in confidence. Truly a reflection of what hope brings, the way that it builds itself up to the finale is outright fantastic.

Nordbo features a quiet sense of contemplation with the simple yet careful beauty of “Hope”.



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