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A classic country twang emerges on Nelson King’s powerful “Angels Must Kiss Like This”.

Nelson King - Angels Must Kiss Like This

A classic country twang emerges on Nelson King’s powerful “Angels Must Kiss Like This”. Electric and acoustic guitars blend into a wholesome stream of consciousness. The rhythm has a power behind it. Interplay has a fantastic richness to all of it. Lots of instrumental variety makes sure that the song has a living, breathing quality to it. Vocals rest in the center of it for they have a grandeur to them, such a beautiful series of lyrics. Poetry about the word choice makes sure that the whole song possesses such grace and balance to it.

Right in the beginning the tone is set. The bluesy groove that emerges from the steady beat of the drum proves to be potent. Indeed, this rhythm helps to underpin the strength of his voice. Such fire and passion emerge out of the track imbuing it with so much color. While keeping things to the essentials the evolution of the sound is one that is constantly moving upwards. A yearning, pining quality frames much of the lyricism for there is an exquisite level of illusions within the narrative itself adding to its heft. Multiple instruments do appear to work in unison with the steady groove becoming ever tighter with each additional reiteration. For the finale the song seems to lift on up into the vast expanse, as the loveliness of the piece truly blooms in a jaw-droppingly glorious way.

Nelson King delivers a truly timeless sound with the beautiful “Angels Must Kiss Like This”.



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