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A clever pop punk rush defines DETENTION’s “Not To Go”.


A clever pop punk rush defines DETENTION’s “Not To Go”. The truly chaotic energy of the work feels infectious. Vocals stun with their clarity. Rhythms race along with a clear-eyed focus to them making sure that every moment is felt in full. Hooks aplenty tie this track down for there is an inherent catchiness to the way that they let it all hang out, making sure every single moment gets fully amplified. Over the course of the song, they double and triple down on the speed of the thing, making it go past as a fantastic furious blur. In large part thanks to the drum-bass duo the song’s groove features a grandeur to it.

They waste absolutely no time in getting things started. Guitar riffs have a loveliness to them. By far the highlight comes from her voice which possesses the right amount of sweetness and yearning. Elements offer nods to groups like Sleater-Kinney, for theirs is an equally joyous sound. Virtually bursting at the seams nothing gets held back. Layer upon layer gets entered into the mix though they keep that edgy yet minimal approach to the sound. Full of so much wonderful interplay the band truly listens to each other. Around the end of the piece they loosen their grip on the atmosphere, allowing it to veer and careen wildly into some joyous seas of sound.

“Not To Go” offers a grandeur behind it, a massive arena-filling sound that proves DETENTION to be a true force of nature.



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