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A.D. offers a wild trip with the heavy-set presence of “Popcorn”.

A.D. – Popcorn

A.D. offers a wild trip with the heavy-set presence of “Popcorn”. The trap beats here shake with a ferocity to them for they have a flawless beauty to them. Volume is a must because there is a brilliance to it all, something truly splendid to behold. With sheer physicality the song shakes in a way that is truly heavy. Layer upon layer is incorporated into the mix resulting in something that marries elements of hip-hop and industrial in a way that draws upon some of Death Grips’ sheer animalistic impulse. His vocals rest prominently in the center of it all from which all else stems. Speed is of the essence for his vocals race on through with a Busta Rhymes’ like cadence to them as he packs so much into each verse.

He dives right into the thick of it for the piece races along as a breakneck pace. Tempos can barely keep up with his chaotic pacing. So many different elements and storylines fall into place. Flows here are pure fire, as his range is truly impeccable. Even within his singular rapid-fire delivery, he touches upon far more than rap, for he elevates the sound into his own distinct hybrid. Pieces of reggae, pop, R&B, and more enter into the equation making it a spirit that feels very much his own. By offering up a polished, fully realized production it emphasizes his commanding presence.

“Popcorn” is a proper club banger, with an infectious beat and a wonderful flow that feels truly flawless.



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