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A dance rock heavy groove runs through Coastal Town’s “Still Shining”.

Coastal Town - Still Shining

A dance rock heavy groove runs through Coastal Town’s “Still Shining”. The sound has an infectious quality to it. Everything gets built out in its own specific way. Lyrics swim through the rest of the atmosphere with pure joy. Nods to groups like LCD Soundsystem appear throughout for the interlock of the rhythm is incredible to witness. Volume is a must for theirs is a sound felt as well as heard. Riffs merge with the groove to create this hyperactive spirit, one that truly encourages people to get on their feet.

They waste no time in getting things started. From there they make sure that the work has a spirited presence to it. Building itself up into a wild unhinged experience the song veers uncontrollably from side to side helping to add to its sense of majesty. Quite carefully the sound has a lushness to it. Details matter and they have fun keeping the listener on their toes, just like good dance rock does. With their chosen genre, they bring a hint of disco into the fray further adding to its classic quality. Over the course of the work the shifts result in an evolution of the textures. Various little elements get expanded alongside other shrinking. This ebb and flow further adds to the lively quality of the work, one that seemingly messes with expectations becoming impossible to pin down.

“Still Shining” revels in Coastal Town’s uncanny ability to balance multiple layers of sound in a way that blooms with color.



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