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A dark garage rock aesthetic comes into view on BONES IN BUTTER’s intense “They Live!”.


A dark garage rock aesthetic comes into view on BONES IN BUTTER’s intense “They Live!”. There is a tension that underpins the whole of the track. With such an aggressive groove the piece has an unhinged, warped perspective. Nods to the ugly beauty of Sonic Youth they too trade in this post-punk aesthetic, for they push the sound forward into an experimental form. Vocals here express a communal quality, one that remains steady throughout, even as doubt is gradually filtered into the fray. Paranoid to its core the song feels as if it may break apart at a moment’s notice. By allowing this sort of tact into the equation, the whole of the work has a frantic rhythm about it.

Racing at a breakneck pace the song opens up in a gorgeous way. The layers of the work feel outright hypnotic for they make sure to get deep into the very roots of the sound. By embracing a heavier sound, theirs is one that seems to pummel the listener. Clever riffs are merged to become one with the tempo, making sure that everything keeps on cascading forward into a glistening, glimmering world one that has a majesty about it. Drums too have a raw visceral energy to them for they are truly animalistic in how they combine to craft a world that is very much of their own making.

“They Live!” features a skillful balance one that shows off BONES IN BUTTER’s uncanny ability to deliver a sound that is truly timeless.



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