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A dramatic series of flourishes defines the hard rock fury of Asterous’s “Mercenary”.

Asterous – Mercenary

A dramatic series of flourishes defines the hard rock fury of Asterous’s “Mercenary”. Holding nothing back theirs is an aural assault on the listener. Volume is a given for they absolutely go for the jugular. With elements of arena rock and grunge thrown in for good measure the sound is a feral beast. Nods to Canada’s Kittie group definitely enter into the equation. Like Kittie, Asterous’s vocalist manages to rise above the rest of the din in a way that is equal parts infectious and terrifying. Drums here have a violent tendency for they stomp through with a physical attack, conjuring up imagery of vast wide-open spaces. Guitar work too adds to this sense of endless possibility for it all soars way high up into the very sky.

The giganticness of the scene reveals itself quickly. Right from the get-go there is a tremendous cinematic flair to it. Upon the unleashed guitars the beasts have plenty of room to roam. Her voice has a commanding aura to it for the unique quality forces the listener to pay attention. Verses cascade downwards with a neat reference to 90s industrial, as the distortion reigns supreme. Little ambient flourishes in between further add to the intensity of the experience. With a gorgeous buildup she makes sure every single moment matters. Guitars ring up into the sky with a little threatening buzz to it as it works itself up into a finale frenzy.

“Mercenary” features an incredible stream of consciousness, showing off Asterous’s deft skill in sculpting a sound that feels wonderful.



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