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A dreamy-eyed, surrealist trip through so much color defines Sidd’s “klrblnd”.

Sidd – klrblnd

A dreamy-eyed, surrealist trip through so much color defines Sidd’s “klrblnd”. The number of genres brought in feels outright celebratory, ranging from EDM to IDM to rave to pop with hints of hip-hop thrown in for additional flavor. Brightly lit a happiness burst at the seams. Melodies are piled upon melodies to give it a Byzantine like series of patterns all of which are brought right to the breaking point. By keeping things so loose the end result is something that absolutely dazzles. Production goes into two separate directions. For the electronic flourishes themselves there is a real grit to it bringing up imagery of Crystal Castles’ wildest tracks. Vocals embrace a lo-fi approach and gain in an intimate setting, for there is a spirit of joy to the song.

Muffled beats introduce the song, like a party going on from afar. The way the track focuses into the groove has an animalistic presence to it. Various sounds bounce off each other, for there is a chaos that has such a fun-loving aspect to it. Rushing through the vocals merge with the blurred beauty of the sounds that dart by. Little elements emerge out of the sonic ether. Highly addictive the work shows off an impeccable number of hooks. For the final stretch the vocals fall out to result in a song that seemingly once more comes out of focus before suddenly cutting out.

“klrblnd” shows off the exquisite beauty of Sidd as they create a vivid kaleidoscopic rush through wide swathes of textures.



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