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A faded, disoriented experience Moasanti offers a dreamy, surrealistic take on trap with “Solace”.

Moasanti – Solace

A faded, disoriented experience Moasanti offers a dreamy, surrealistic take on trap with “Solace”. The clever usage of sci-fi otherworldly imagery makes the lyricism a particularly beguiling invention. Production here neatly ties the whole of the experience together for there is a unique approach with the way they incorporate so many layers into the mix. Swirling about with an ebb and flow there is a brilliance to it all. Huge flurries of colours enter into the equation for he delivers an entire take that adds to the creative exploration of a seemingly boundless space. Influences feel wonderful, with styles of electro of the late 80s/early 90s further lending the song a tripped-out effect. Melody matters and it has an airy distant take to it.

Right from the beginning he goes hard into the mysterious mix. The evolution of the sound happens gradually, as the tempo has a slow-moving gait to it. Such a unique approach, he brings elements of ambient and shoegaze into the mix. His lyrics have a poetry to them as they go for a sense of discovery, granting every single flourish plenty of room to roam. Vocals themselves feature a tenderness to them, one that feels akin to talking with a friend. An intimacy exists and he keeps his voice quiet, reverent even in terms of its careful cadence. Nor does it every feel the need to peak in a crescendo he keeps the whole thing to the essentials in a way that is refreshingly honest.

Moasanti delivers something that truly transports the listener to a whole other universe with “Solace”.



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