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A faded psychedelic dub bubbles up with the chilled-out atmospherics of La Palma’s “Forsythia”.

La Palma – Forsythia

A faded psychedelic dub bubbles up with the chilled-out atmospherics of La Palma’s “Forsythia”. They take their time for the whole of the sound feels akin to going on some otherworldly trip. Every single detail is of the utmost importance as they let things sort of space out, wafting up into the air with a gleeful abandon. With all the creativity with the instrumentation, it makes sense that the vocals themselves appear to swim through the sonic ether in a way that has a satisfyingly soothing quality to it. Deep in the lyricism a yearning emerges, one that they deliberately keep abstract for the way the sounds bounce off each other is part of the perfect joy. Never overstaying their welcome, the way they let things evolve feels as if they are dilating time.

The very beginning is a great deep dive into the thick of it. Layers of sound have a painterly, impressionistic quality to them. Melody here does matter but it emerges from the way that they let it bounce off of the vocals themselves. Dramatic flourishes occur in a way that becomes quite elemental to the overall spirit of the work. Unfurling it all out there is a dreamy quality to how they allow the dense clouds of sound plenty of leeway with which to explore texture, melody, and timber. For the finale they pull it all back to reveal the beating heart of the work.

“Forsythia” is a truly beguiling piece and La Palma show off a deft skill for exploring the surreal in a way that is uniquely satisfying.



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