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A fiery piece of folk, Amanda Pappalardo creates a true classic with “Addicted To You”.

Amanda Pappalardo – Addicted To You

A fiery piece of folk, Amanda Pappalardo creates a true classic with “Addicted To You”. The exploration of what a toxic relationship entails is outright harrowing. Guitar work seems to underpin her message for a degree of anxiety runs through it. By far the highlight of the piece comes from the lyrics. Showing the manipulation involved in a relationship that just isn’t right, she holds nothing back. Her vocals here are imbued with tremendous passion. With a delivery that seems to indicate that she truly lived this experience, the whole of the work has a universality to it. On the arrangement side of things, she keeps things pared down, simple, and straight to the point. No unnecessary flourishes are added here each one matters.

From the first second her commanding presence is unavoidable. Her voice contains multitudes. The word choice has a profound truth behind it. Yes, the toxic relationships are meant to be left. For all the awfulness of a toxic relationship, they manage to manipulate the other person in it. Within this tact they make sure that there is a bit of kindness they show, not overwhelming, just enough to string their other along. Such a relationship hurts the very soul, and is detrimental to mental health. The way Amanda sings it, she helps to shed light on this all too often ignored facet of unhealthy connections.

Done with the utmost of respect and care, Amanda Pappalardo delves into the psyche on the phenomenal light yet heavy sound of “Addicted To You”.



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