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A giddy, twee pop energy runs through Jonas Brøg’s “I Believe in You”.

Jonas Brøg - I Believe in You

A giddy, twee pop energy runs through Jonas Brøg’s “I Believe in You”. The sly groove works wonders as does his tender, compassionate vocals. Lyrics add to this sense of place with the song radiating a sense of love. Lots of various flourishes enter into the equation making sure that there is a beauty to it, for every single detail comes into place in a way that adds to the deliriously happy imagery. Melodies matter for they have an infectious quality. With a low-key rhythm section, the piece chugs along with a certain polite spirit to it.

The song wastes no time in getting started. Quite intelligent lyricism gives it a poetic beauty. A mixture of old school and contemporary pop leads to strong comparisons to Jon Brion’s soothing world. Everything else is all about balance and he makes sure to make that balance count. Little details get blown up in big ways, and the journey he takes the listener on is a stunningly sweet one. Interplay amongst the band adds to its swinging, almost jazz-like, quality. Kept loose the rest of the piece features a degree of happiness about it, for there is so much hope and optimism thrown into the mix. By making sure that it all comes together in a joyous, celebratory way the piece absolutely stuns with its sense of grace. For the finale it wraps things up in a way that touches the very heart.

Full of love and compassion, Jonas Brøg imbues “I Believe in You” with so much care and compassion.



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