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A gigantic undertaking, Eryn Young goes hard on the aptly named “EGO”.

Eryn Young – EGO

A gigantic undertaking, Eryn Young goes hard on the aptly named “EGO”. The massive scope of the song brings together dubstep, EDM, and pop in a neon-hued fever dream. Her voice has a lushness to it for it draws the listener into a world of her own creation. Lyrics here cascade at their own pace making sure everything matters. Volume is a given for her sound crashes over the listener, virtually bludgeoning them into submission. Full of confidence and swagger nothing is held back as the song propels itself forward into bright brilliant blurs. Bass here rumbles with a sheer might, nicely punctuating her own vocals. The pop format works well for by making sure that it does not overstay its welcome it gains a degree of impact.

She wastes no time either for the song starts up immediately. Fitting nicely into the contemporary side of soul, there is a wildness to it. Barely even tamed, she makes sure that the lyrics further add to this sense of place. Layer upon layer gets woven together in a way that feels outright gorgeous to behold. Over the course of the piece her lyrics are mixed front and center, from which all else flows. Nothing within it is held back as there is a decadence to the sheer sound and style of the thing, as it works itself up into a frenzy for the final rush.

“EGO” features the impressive ear for melody and storytelling abilities of Eryn Young for the song has a chaotic, drunken demeanor.



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