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A glimmering scope takes hold over Band Spectra’s cerebral “Pillar & the Moon (feat. Super 17)”.

Band Spectra - Pillar & the Moon (feat. Super 17)

A glimmering scope takes hold over Band Spectra’s cerebral “Pillar & the Moon (feat. Super 17)”. The guarded emotions of the track make it a thoughtful glimpse into what this moment truly means. On one hand there is a sense of hope and possibility for the future on and the other there is a feeling that there is much more that needs to be overcome. Pop, classical, even ambient all come together in this glowing daze of sound. Vocals help to serve as the unifying force for the entirety of the mix as there is a quiet sense of poetry about them.

Right from the beginning there is a tenderness to the tones. The tempo never increases much remaining relatively sedated nicely meshing perfectly with the vocalist. Layers are added into the fray but there is a lightness to the whole of the piece. Nods to groups like Beach House emerge for they too touch upon this unique, slow-moving spirit. Such a reflective approach the many details blend into the scenery resulting in something that becomes so delicate, fragile, yet overall, quite stunning. Interplay between the group further reveals a sense of tremendous care that the band takes when listening to each other. For the final stretch they let their hair out a little bit, allowing a bit more light into the atmosphere before it slowly fades away.

“Pillar & the Moon (feat. Super 17)” shows off Band Spectra’s uncanny ability to capture this very moment in time perfectly.



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