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A great sensuality ties the entirety of Bianca Aristia’s “Only Wanted You” together.

Bianca Aristia - Only Wanted You

A great sensuality ties the entirety of Bianca Aristia’s “Only Wanted You” together. Silky smooth vocals and synthesizer chords blend together into one. Her voice features a vulnerability to it, lovely as it drips with sheer anticipation. Production matters a great deal for the lush, luxurious sound is quite easy to get lost in. Tempo keeps a steady consistent pace over the duration of the track. So many different layers emerge over the course of the track it is a dazzling display to admire. With a great ear for melody the evolution of the piece has a naturalistic air about it.

From the first moment the song progresses at a leisurely pace. Done with such dignity to it, her voice contains multitudes. While nods to 80s pop certainly influences much of the work a la the Weeknd, much of it has a contemporary stance about it. Effortlessly she brings elements of synth pop, EDM, R&B, and soul into a singular coherent whole one that absolutely radiates with color. Subtle with its cadence the evolution of the sound never becomes overwhelming. That initial fragile presence never really goes away for she uses that as an essential part of the composition, never shying away from it. A degree of elasticity helps to keep the listener on their toes while the song unspools itself.

“Only Wanted You” features a bright burst of beauty, revealing Bianca Aristia’s yearning desire, a fiery message that lingers in the mind long after the track has ended.



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