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A gritty electro realism rolls through on Downhill’s intense trip of “Others”.

Downhill – Others

A gritty electro realism rolls through on Downhill’s intense trip of “Others”. Done with such care, one can sense that every single element truly was given the utmost of attention. From the buzz of the synthesizer to the insistent hit of the drum machine, there is a power about how simple yet effective that sound is. References to electroclash prove to be unavoidable for they truly trade in that sort of stock, ensuring that everything comes together in a gleeful way. The nods to Add N to (X) and Adult add to the aura of the piece. Without needing to say a single word an entire narrative comes into play one that features a tremendous intensity. Texturally there is a thoughtfulness to the way they make sure that the sound changes with such slight and satisfying ways.

Right from the beginning they grab your attention. A stark, almost industrial sort of groove settles as the piece begins in earnest. Melodically they offer a bit of mystery, for the acidic twang of the synthesizer gives it the equivalent feeling of looking through a prism. Depending on the way one looks at it, the information seems to keep on changing. Various details here matter thanks in large part to their stark and powerful outlook. Evolution of the sound gives it a triumphant kick, one that feels stately at times. By pulling back occasionally they create this distant, ominous buzz about it.

“Others” shows off Downhill’s impeccable ability to craft a sonic universe that is truly their own.



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