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A heartfelt slice of alternative rock and the blues, Renee Millner sings with spirit on "So Much".

Renee Millner - So Much

A heartfelt slice of alternative rock and the blues, Renee Millner sings with spirit on the soulful “So Much”. The song has an intimate setting to it for the drums hit with a physicality, with one virtually able to feel each gesture. Guitars ring on true making sure that there is an intensity to the piece. Vocals here get punctuated by the rest of the band for the lyrics are the draw here. With every verse carefully crafted they have a fiery presence to them. Done with dignity the song rolls on through with a careful balance. Elements of Wilco’s work inform the piece, for there is that similar sense of gigantic scope, one that feels all-consuming. Indeed, moments of the work have a classical stately grace to them, taking their time in exploring mood.

Handclaps and the stomp of drum kick sets things off immediately. The togetherness of the work means the interlock between the different players has a sense of belonging. Words here matter a lot and Renee pours all of herself into the delivery. With a clever range that draws from some of America’s oldest traditions, the sense of place further adds to the hyperrealism of the track. Over the course of the track Renee employs a bit of post-rock’s aesthetic, for the way the buildup works itself into a frenzy has a cinematic quality about it.

“So Much” shows off the incredible storytelling of Renee Millner for the track has an intricate amount of detail brought into the fray.

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