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A heartfelt slice of Americana, Megan and Shane delve into a classic folk pop with “Scars”.

Megan and Shane – Scars

A heartfelt slice of Americana, Megan and Shane delve into a classic folk pop with “Scars”. Sung with such dignity the grace of the work has an expansive attitude towards it. The cinematic flair results from the production itself which lends the song an anthemic swagger. Instrumentally rich from the true ringing of the acoustic guitar to the hit of the drums, they all come together to create this vibrant colorful universe. Little details matter too such as when the glistening keyboards occasionally dart in and out of the mix, adding to its vast tapestry of sound. Volume is a must for the song needs to be felt as well as heard.

The greatness of the song becomes readily apparent right from moment one. Guitar and drums intermingle in their own unique way. Her voice entering the fray starts the whole work up in earnest. Done with such dignity she holds nothing back. Snippets of narratives, little vignettes from a life lived to the fullest feels so real. A great loveliness radiates from the whole of the piece. Her confessional ability means that the song gains a universal appeal. Layer upon layer enters into the mix yet the whole thing has a light brightness. Bass here actually works pretty hard, and honestly works as a rather clever feature as it punctuates the power of her delivery. Electric guitar is used sparingly, but when it comes in, it is pure magic.

“Scars” revels in the exquisite earnestness and charm of Megan and Shane.



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