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A laidback, chilled out atmosphere takes shape on OneNamedPeter’s mellowed “Twilight”.

OneNamedPeter – Twilight

A laidback, chilled out atmosphere takes shape on OneNamedPeter’s mellowed “Twilight”. The pastoral beauty comes through with the carefully chosen lyricism. Graceful to its very core there is a quiet celebratory spirit that pushes the whole of the track forward. Rhythms have their easygoing tempo, as the song features a spacious, expansive scope to it. With the many different layers of sound coming together, there is a symphonic quality to it. Beats have an understated presence to them for they are not rushed. Right in the centre of all of this are his assured vocals that have a brilliance about them, making sure that they lead the song on quite strongly.

From the very first moment the mood is immediately set, as the melody has a lovely hue about it. As if exploring the end of the day, there is a thankfulness that resides within the message helping to move it forward. Tremendous detail emerges within the carefully balanced lyrics, with each verse selected with such care, as the natural world enters into the fray in a caring, compassionate and considered way. Akin to one’s inner monologue, he brings the listener along within the glistening tones that adorn much of it. Usage of the synth and strings together helps to heighten the sense of community which emerges. By the time it is in the final stretch, the piece features a playful, peaceful spirit, a wonderful wave to a gorgeous day.

OneNamedPeter delivers a story straight from the heart on the poetry of “Twilight”.



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