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A late 80s ethereal ethos defines Fleeting Persuasion’s “Night Arrives”

Fleeting Persuasion - Night Arrives

A late 80s ethereal ethos defines Fleeting Persuasion’s “Night Arrives”. The dazed, hazy mix lends itself well to early shoegaze. Full of a dreaminess the song swirls about in the listener’s mind. Melodies are explored fully and completely. Usage of classical elements at the very edges of the work feel reminiscent of Slowdive’s deliberate pacing. Vocals work together in unison like some long-lost choir searching for home. Everything about it has a dramatic sensibility to it, from the guitars that ring out into the endless expanse to the piano chords that serve as the only memory of a stable background. Even the drums keep a very loose beat, one that seemingly evaporates into nothingness.

Guitar work proves to be the real poetry here, as they combine dream pop alongside ambient. Layers intermingle as they are woven together to create this vast blanket of sound. Done with such dignity the way that it all comes together feels so real. A vividness to the lyrics helps to guide it all along. Rhythms keep a sleepy pace for there is a pastoral beauty to the way that they bring it through. Thanks to their understated presence an affectionate tone is completely set for it all has a power behind it, one that is quite accomplished in its own right. Rather than have the vocals work to bring things to a close, it instead relies upon the guitar wafting away up into the sky to fully close things out.

“Night Arrives” revels in Fleeting Persuasion’s confident demeanor.



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