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A late night driving impulse centers Fabri’s passionate “Here Tonight”.

Fabri - Here Tonight

A late night driving impulse centres Fabri’s passionate “Here Tonight”. Everything here has a subdued yet soulful style behind it. The rhythm proves to be outright infectious for it underpins the entirety of the work. Much of the lyricism syncs up perfectly with the power of his words. Verses are chosen with the utmost of care for there is a splendour about them. Words are given the perfect amount of weight, infused with so much emotion. Guitar work has an understated quality to it, as it rides on through in a way that feels outright blissful.

The low-key introduction suits the piece well, for this is meant to be felt as well as heard. By keeping things to the essentials, he creates this sort of hypnotic groove, one that owes a debt to the power of krautrock meets the power of pop. His voice rests right in the centre of it all serving as the very beating heart of the piece. Over the course of the entirety of the work he allows the song to expand, ever so slightly. Small gestures matter a great deal for this is not something that shows off, rather more like something that touches the very soul. References to this sort of mellow yet beguiling style would be some of Radiohead’s earlier, moodier work alongside the psychedelic western twang of the Meat Puppets, while still retaining his own unique presence.

Fabri revels in the spirit of the unlimited possibilities that the night brings on the tender “Here Tonight”.



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