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A little slice of hope and optimism, Maddisun’s “Meant to Be” is an unvarnished delight.

Maddisun - Meant to Be

Maddisun delivers a sun-drenched sense of Americana on the bountiful “Meant to Be”. Sung with such spirit the song reflects upon wide open spaces. A sense of endless opportunity enters into the mix both lyrically and sonically. Layers intermingle in a way that feels truly luxurious even as the song maintains its initial airy impulse throughout the whole of the piece. Small details matter a great deal whether it is the galloping stride of the rhythm section or the graceful hue of the guitar that washes over the whole of the sound.

Her voice introduces the piece and revels in her ability to fill up a gigantic space with such infectious glee. From there the rest of the track follows. Coming into place with such care and precision feels incredible. Lyrics here have a loose storytelling quality to them, for Maddisun’s style is one that reflects on the singer-songwriter tradition of the 70s as well as the psych folk of the late 60s. Indeed, hers is a classic sound one that feels fully formed and lived-in. Verses here are treated with such care as they are balanced in a way that is gorgeous to behold. So much colour filters into the fray for the way it swirls about in a glorious haze is stunning to behold. Even as the rest of the band lets loose her voice continues to be the very beating heart of the whole track.

A little slice of hope and optimism, Maddisun’s “Meant to Be” is an unvarnished delight.



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