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A lovely lounge jazz affect emerges out of Christina Jones’ unhurried bliss of “Beautiful Bridge”.

Christina Jones - Beautiful Bridge

A lovely lounge jazz affect emerges out of Christina Jones’ unhurried bliss of “Beautiful Bridge”. Her voice has a gentleness to it one that feels outright gorgeous to behold. The ability to let it all leisurely pass by feels rather grand in scope. Stylistically it leans heavily into jazz, specifically a sort of spacious Bossa Nova in terms of the intricate guitar work and gentle light brush of the drums, only for it to later transform into a cinematic, almost soaring form of classical. Quite airy she makes sure the sound has a great degree of lightness behind it. Lyricism in particular has a poetic hue to it making sure that it all comes together in a dazzling, mysterious way.

The hushed awe of the beginning shows off some rather impressive work on the acoustic guitar. With her and the guitar, the sound has a small introduction, but gradually the sound is built up upon. Every detail here matters for the short duration ensures that it moves quickly despite seemingly being suspended in air. By allowing the sound to evolve carefully and with such consideration, it remains rather remarkable how the addition of the strings transforms the whole thing. Incorporation of that detail means that the piece feels vibrant, alive, and full of life. Her voice, small at first, matches this same ending energy to make sure that the finale is one that is quite memorable.

“Beautiful Bridge” shows off the deft singing chops of Christina Jones in creating a soothing, comforting mood.



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