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A lovely lounge-like song, Jerry Jean imbues “September Sky” with such soul.

Jerry Jean - September Sky

A lovely lounge-like song, Jerry Jean imbues “September Sky” with such soul. The mix of smooth jazz, classical, all framed within a distinct ballad helps to add the work’s undeniable allure. Best listened to on good speakers thanks in part to the exceptional mixing there is a tenderness to these tones. Reassuring, soothing vocals, fantastic subtle saxophone work, all of it combines to create a sense of place. Here too he pushes the idea of chilled out vibes into the modern day, sometimes taking a hint from Sam Gendel’s rather beautiful explorations of texture. Melody matters a lot and the way he fuses it with the slow-moving groove adds to the work’s overall majesty.

Jerry’s ability to make the tempo yet another integral part of the track’s mood feels lovely. He takes time in letting the sound grow. The living, breathing quality of the work comes from the way that everything works in unison. Interplay features a fantastic wonderfulness to it, for the instrumental richness has a kindness about it. By making sure that the song has a balance to it there is a steadiness that feels quite pretty. Rhythms here have a naturalistic presence to them helping to lend it a meditative stance, one that is completely earned. For the final stretch of the work he lets the tightly-knit arrangement loosen a bit. With this late burst of color there is a wonderful grandeur.

“September Sky” features an uncanny bliss, one that reveals in Jerry Jean’s deft skill.



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