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A low-slung jazz flair helps to anchor the whole of Frozen Inertia’s “What Is This?”

Frozen Inertia - What Is This?

A low-slung jazz flair helps to anchor the whole of Frozen Inertia’s “What Is This?”. They employ a bit of playfulness into the proceedings making sure that the groove almost skips about in a glee. Melodically they mess with listener expectations, for even with their wry sense of humour, it has some darkness to it. Coy to a tee, they allow the lyrics to further explore this ambiguity, as the sly rhythms keep the pace perfectly off-kilter. By far though the true thing that sells it, that very soul of the track, are the vocals that seemingly come out of the night air. There’s a dark giddy aspect to it the sort that appears after the sun sets.

Nor do they waste a moment for right from the onset they get the whole of the piece moving. The drums have a light touch to them, always remaining more on the loose side of things, never making their presence too deeply felt. Vocals are the core of the work and truly serve as the element that ties it all together. Lyrics have an exquisite bliss about them making sure that they have the perfect feel, allowing the listener a gaze into a bit of devilish delight. From there they allow the sound to build up, ever so delicately, with this keen balance helping to guide it all the way to the great bloom of a finale.

Frozen Inertia refuses to be pigeonholed on the beguiling trip of “What Is This?”

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