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A meditative spirit defines Nick Cody & Towse “Thinking In Circles”.

Nick Cody & Towse - Thinking In Circles

A meditative spirit defines Nick Cody & Towse's “Thinking In Circles”. The looping effect adds to the beguiling quality for the lyrics seem perfectly attuned to the way it all unfurls. Layer upon layer of detail enter into the mix. By presenting such an honest, earnest approach the duo at times nod towards the similar cadence of restrained hope that Low trade in, for there is that similar slow-moving pace alongside a reflection on life itself. Guitar work has a deceptive simplicity for it draws the listener into the wonderful landscape.

Vocals rest prominently in the mix. Less sung and more sung-spoken, the duo presents a unique conversational tenor to the work. The rhythm that emerges throughout the piece further adds to its pastoral beauty for there is a grace to the way they allow the song to evolve. Never anything huge, the smallness of this sound helps to bring the listener into their unique view. Every single verse helps to further enhance the way that the group thinks, with the reiteration of the theme changing ever so slightly. Small flourishes here matter and their minimal approach makes sure that the tiny changes have a great effect to them one that helps to guide the song all the way to its very compassionate finale.

“Thinking In Circles” offers an exquisite look at the sheer poetic prowess of Nick Cody & Towse in delivering an atmosphere that wraps around the listener inviting them into this dreamy yet deeply felt universe.



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