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A minimal sensual suite, H A Z E delivers a heartfelt tender ode with the lovely “Shadow”.

H A Z E – Shadow

A minimal sensual suite, H A Z E delivers a heartfelt tender ode with the lovely “Shadow”. The tastefulness of the arrangements helps to accentuate the silkiness of her vocals. Everything here has a sweetened honeyed approach to it. Melodies waft up into the infinite spaces for there are no borders within the work. Buildup here proves the importance of paying attention to the details. She hints at what will eventually come, yet there is a post-rock like crescendo to the piece, that works to give additional muscle to her voice.

Wisps of sound enter the equation at first. Quite quiet the delicate nature of the work becomes readily apparent. Everything about it has a trance-like aspect to it. Rhythms go for a dance atmosphere, not quite EDM, softer than that. By allowing the sound to neatly come together the song has a coming into focus quality. Over the course of the work the piece gains in volume and intensity. Her lyricism seems to follow this idea, in a way that gives it a naturalistic quality. Grooves become overwhelming letting the piece gain a physicality about it. Volume is a given for she lets the rest of the sound swirl about. Layer upon layer adds to the beauty of it, by letting it sweep up in a symphonic way, full of so many colorful blooms.

“Shadow” shows off H A Z E’s uncanny ability to dive deep into a surreal sonic landscape one that has a visceral uncanny beauty about it.



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