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A mixture of hip-hop, trap, and pop filters into SACHA.’s uniquely weird sonic universe.

SACHA. - Heart of Stone (feat. CANDILIUM)

A mixture of hip-hop, trap, and pop filters into SACHA.’s uniquely weird sonic universe of “Heart of Stone (feat. CANDILIUM)”. Usage of vocal effects further adds to the oddity of the work, giving it a degree of starkness about it. The sound design feels flawless, as every single gesture is carefully considered. Nods to groups like Dean Blunt and the flat-out weird effects of James Ferraro adds to the hypnagogic attitude of much of the work. Layer upon layer comes into the fray, further adding to the swirling, kaleidoscopic approach. Colorus virtually pop throughout the experience, as he is a gifted storyteller.

Guitar introduces the song in a delicate, careful way making sure that it all filters into the fray in a way that is quite spirited. The whole of the mix has such depth to it, for it messes with listener expectations. Sudden shifts further ensure that there is the right degree of care utilized over the course of the entire piece. Beats hit with sheer physicality for they go deep into the red in literally the best way possible. The song contorts itself in a myriad number of ways all the while ensuring that they retain that initial catchiness, from the way that the melody gradually shifts to the eventual change of the vocals into an almost brutal fashion for the final stretch of the song.

“Heart of Stone (feat. CANDILIUM)” revels in SACHA.’s impeccable wordplay, resulting in a universe that is distinctly his own thing.



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