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A moody piece of dream pop, Hannah Robinson sculpts a beguiling world with “Nineteen”.

Hannah Robinson – Nineteen

A moody piece of dream pop, Hannah Robinson sculpts a beguiling world with “Nineteen”. Strong nods towards groups like Beach House adorn much of the piece for there is an intrinsic lightness about it. The arrangement is executed flawlessly for the whole song permeates a sense of discovery, of mystery waiting to be uncovered. Quite massive they make sure to let it all sprawl out into the seemingly infinite. By far the heart and soul rests with her magical voice, itself a clever mixture between loveliness and a burning, yearning passion to it. Melodically the song has a cleverness to it for the evolution of the entire scope of work feels symphonic at times.

The hushed presence of the open feels outright majestic, setting the tone for what follows. Gradually, the rest of the band comes into view. Riffs have an elegance to them, featuring a timeless grace. Done with the utmost of dignity the many layers intermingle to craft a work that has a grandeur to it. With each reiteration of the theme the piece burns ever brighter. Every verse on here has a poetry to it, for it leaves much up to the listener to decipher. By employing this little bit of opaqueness to the narrative it remains rather fascinating to behold. For the final stretch of the entire work the whole thing bursts at the seams with each single gesture amplified in full.

“Nineteen” revels in the exquisite detail of Hannah Robinson’s lovely lyricism with imagery that lingers with the listener.



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