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A neat vulnerable piece of work “Make Believe” shows off the emotive passion of AM.

AM - Make Believe

A neat vulnerable piece of work “Make Believe” shows off the emotive passion of AM. Everything about the song is kept to the essentials. Guitars have a perfect accompaniment to the sheer intensity of his voice. Right in the back is a very subtle rhythm section that feels so light and airy that it possesses such dexterity, requiring much deeper listening. Lyrics here have a thoughtful quality to them for every single word is chosen with the utmost of care. The balance of the work feels intimate, for he has a vulnerability to them.

His voice starts things off on a strong note for the whole of the work has an uncanny sense of power to it. The atmosphere is set for he utilizes a hushed tenor with such relish. Little melodies emerge out of his guitar playing, as there is a distinct sort of Mountain Goats lo-fi aesthetic. Done with so much energy the way it builds up in these careful, balanced ways feels so much fun. Spry the way he lets the narrative twist and turn is an absolute blast. By drawing the listener into this unique world, a happiness enters into the equation, one that proves to have the longing required to work on a relationship. For the final stretch he lets the instruments go a little loose, for the playful dreamy disposition of their fragmented gestures has a soothing quality.

“Make Believe” features a bit of grandeur, reveling in the power of AM in creating a universe that feels warm and welcoming.



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