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A nice late 80s indie rock vibe defines the entirety of Moonroof’s undeniably catchy “Maybe Crazy”.

Moonroof - Maybe Crazy

This is the sort of song that basically requires the listener to sing along. Something about it features an inviting presence. Perhaps it is the rhythm that is absolute propulsive, the riffs that ring through with a shoegaze-like affect, or the vocals. Whatever the actual reason the piece has a communal aspect. Vocals here feature a yearning sensibility, a desire for something more. Lyrics here are carefully considered for they make sure to incorporate a romantic quality within them. With each reiteration of the theme the song comes more and more into focus.

From the beginning they blast off. Upon the inclusion of the vocals the guitars pull back as the very taut rhythm section takes over. Thanks to the insistence on the groove, it all has a grandeur about it. Bass lines in particular have a smoothness to them. Everything here ebbs and flows. Rather than incorporate a buildup, they instead treat they track like a living, breathing thing. This sense of life helps to serve the whole band appropriately. In conjunction with the verses that pine for something greater, this shifting in and out of energy has a grace to it. Volume is a must for theirs is a highly physical, emotionally charged sort of sound all the way from beginning to end.

“Maybe Crazy” shows off the incredibly skillful performance of Moonroof for they dive headfirst into a distinct post-punk sound that absolutely shimmers with light.

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