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A nimble series of basslines worm their way through Cush Wallace’s soulful “Types of Ways”.

Cush Wallace - Types of Ways

A nimble series of basslines worm their way through Cush Wallace’s soulful “Types of Ways”. The minimal approach works well alongside the sly quality of his voice. Everything here has a delicacy about it. Balance proves to be of the essence as the song has a delicacy to it. He makes sure that the stripped-down style works to his advantage. Despite the extreme simplicity of the work there is a depth there done in part to the lyricism that helps to bring it altogether. For the work itself gets drenched in pure sunshine. Much of it does harken back to a mid-90s g-funk presence, as there is no need for speed on this one. Rather the main thrust of the sound comes from his assured vocals.

From the very beginning it rolls on through. Quite easy going the song works with subtle shades. Everything here is about atmosphere and he makes sure to explore atmosphere carefully. Lots of color pours on into the rest of the piece allowing it a sense of true peace. By allowing the rest of the arrangement plenty of mood with which to explore the piece feels outright incredible. Depth means that as the song progresses an evolution however slight takes hold of the sound. Production feels quite gorgeous as he makes sure that the cyclical nature of the groove results in a meditative presence, one that brings the experience to a careful close.

“Types of Ways” shows off the exquisite laid-back rapping style of Cush Wallace.



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