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A passionate ballad bursts forth with Sam Wilder’s fiery “Vanity”.

Sam Wilder – Vanity

A passionate ballad bursts forth with Sam Wilder’s fiery “Vanity”. Light, bright, and airy, Sam Wilder delivers every single line with the utmost of crystal clarity and sharpness. With a keen ear for melody the patient, persistent tenor of the work becomes readily apparent. Stylistically rooted in pop, he also incorporates elements of classical, jazz and ambient. This plethora of influences works wonders on the sound which retains a certain mysterious aura throughout. Nor does he succumb to the easy crescendo evolution, instead going for something far more tasteful – a beguiling, slow-moving ebb and flow of every sound.

The elegance of the piano proves to be purely unparalleled, for it truly leads the way. Containing multitudes, the softness of the piano is simply lovely, as every single chord is able to effortlessly waft into the air. An orchestral movement of sorts enters into the fray helping to fully flesh out the sound. By far though the very soul of the work emerges from the vocals. Here they have a sense of poetry about them for the word choice proves to be absolutely impeccable. Volume is an absolute must for there is a great warmth to the way the sound sweeps up. Layer upon layer is added into the mix and there is a gorgeousness to its sense of beauty. So incredible to beyond there is a hushed awe and reverence to the way it all unfurls.

“Vanity” shows off the undeniable skill of Sam Wilder in crafting a sonic universe that feels so spacious, distinct, and unique.



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