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A pastoral bliss adorns Sunbeam’s “Heaven’s Glow”.

Sunbeam - Heaven's Glow

A pastoral bliss adorns Sunbeam’s “Heaven’s Glow”. The gratitude on display here is palpable. Full of so much light an optimism washes over the listener. Vocals have a brightness to them. Lots of hope gets filtered into the mix adding to the rather intimate sensibility. With a hushed awe about it they make sure every single element feels ever so visceral. Keeping things relatively acoustic further ensures that this calm becomes quite inviting. Instrumentally the interplay feels inspired. Rhythms have a slow, meditative element to them. Even when it picks up just a little bit it maintains a bit of loveliness to it, one that feels so soothing. Warm like a blanket it is easy to get lost in the track’s good feelings.

The melodies on here have a richness to them. Vocals are woven together adding to this happiness that runs through the whole thing. Verses here are of the essence because the rest of the sound stems from this singular source. Nods to groups like Iron & Wine, Mountain Goats, and more emerge with Sunbeam gaining a great deal of inspiration from those thoughtful groups. All of them singing together is what sets them apart however, as Sunbeam does offer a true element of love for the world. All the way until the final moments they ensure that the mood remains constant, as the song has this focus to it one that becomes more apparent as it progresses.

Sung with such soul and spirit, Sunbeam deliver something ever so lovely with “Heaven’s Glow”.



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