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A pastoral bliss enters into the fray with Paponeireau’s “Breathe”.

Paponeireau – Breathe

A pastoral bliss enters into the fray with Paponeireau’s “Breathe”. The acoustic element of the work feels potent. Instrumentally rich he incorporates a lot of detail into the mix. Vocals have a living, breathing element to them for they take the Beach Boys’ powerful delivery and transforms it for more rural pastures. Done with such dignity they choose to hold back, as the refined state of the work and the grandeur of the melodies has a poignancy to it. Quite easy to get lost it in spite of the delicacy of the piece, everything about it has a bit of mystery about it, for they always seem to remain just out of view.

Piano introduces the work, confidently striding on by. When the vocals are added that is when the song truly bursts with so much energy. The symphonic chamber folk aspect of the work creates this vivid imagery of being one with nature. By forgoing anything electric, they embrace traditional while at the same time offering their own twist on the sound. A sense of togetherness comes through with the interwoven melodies alongside the carefully laid-out textures that reverberate throughout it all. Never rushed, part of the joy comes from how much they explore within their self-imposed limitations. Quite thoughtful and highly unusually sculpted, the spirit of the piece has one of a boundless opportunity, as if anything is possible.

“Breathe” has a gentle quality to it, one that has an atmospheric wonder, as Paponeireau’s harmonies touch the very soul.



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