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A playful 60s pop flair races through on the Tiger Moths’ delightful “Feel it Burn”.

The Tiger Moths - Feel it Burn

A playful 60s pop flair races through on the Tiger Moths’ delightful “Feel it Burn”. There is a happiness here, a sun-drenched spirit that defines the work. With a truly carefree attitude the song explores an entire life lived to the fullest. Yearning proves to be an important element within the whole of the sound, for they bounce on through with a sense of desire. Vocals truly sell it for he has a commanding yet equally carefree aspect to his work, allowing it to all unfurl at its own grand pace.

Strong guitars introduce the work. A lightness of the rhythm adds to the welcoming presence. Upon the inclusion of the vocals things really take off. Lyricism feels outright poetic for there a careful cadence to it. Buildup of the sound has a gorgeousness to it, for they offer nods to the Elephant 6 Collective’s revivalism. Every single moment matters, for they present a bit of a flourish within the whole of the track. Drums have a nimbleness to them, for they use a Merseybeat quality to it, for they have a lot of fun within the proceedings. The ebb and flow of the piece has a loveliness to it, for they make sure that the song unfurls. For the final stretch of the work it all comes together to result in a whole crescendo.

“Feel it Burn” feels absolutely soaked in a psychedelic garage rock ethos, for the Tiger Months prove to be masters of their craft.



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