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A playful take on dance music, T-R-E utilizes a cleverness to it with “Misused”.

T-R-E – Misused

A playful take on dance music, T-R-E utilizes a cleverness to it with “Misused”. Within the sound they take from mid aughts French electro, specifically those from the Ed Banger Records camp. Things here have a cinematic flavor to them. Stuttering vocals help to imbue the song with that strong sense of life. Colors filter on through giving it a rainbow-like quality one that feels deeply refreshing. Layer upon layer intermingles yet they keep things remarkably stripped down. Due to this studious minimalism the song has a kindness to it. Even the melodies feature their own tenderness for the buildup of the work has a consistency to it.

The spark of the initial track has a magic to it. From that pulsing beginning the rest of it features an exquisite amount of charm. Everything here has a distinct quality to it, every gesture considered in full. By ensuring that the song keeps on this conversational tact the piece becomes highly approachable. Melodies here have a classical bent to them, even jazz-like with their loose improvised style. With the nostalgic quality of the textures themselves the piece has a wonderful whirlwind aspect to it. Over the course of the journey the many twists and turns have a giddiness, for the optimism and happiness radiated throughout feels doubly joyous to behold.

“Misused” features the nimble touch of T-R-E for they allow a sense of whimsy to enter into the equation resulting in a piece that has a grandeur to all of it.



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