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A raw gritty Americana spirit takes shape with the hearty sound of Sammy Listoe’s “Fallin’”.

Sammy Listoe - Fallin'

A raw gritty Americana spirit takes shape with the hearty sound of Sammy Listoe’s “Fallin’”. With a nice croon of a voice, he reveals a life lived to the absolute fullest. The heart and soul of the song resides deep in the careful word choice, for the verses here have a lightness to them. A buildup of the sound features prominently and works as a perfect way to draw the listener into a whole teeming sense of purpose. His patience proves to be of the essence for the song unspools in a way that brings elements of hard rock, country, and even the blues into the mix while retaining its unique spirit.

The acoustic guitar and unadorned voice open the piece up with intimacy. From there the song eventually comes into bloom for the rest of the band enters into the equation. Driving propulsive rhythms add to the sense of power that emerges out of the overall sound. Virtually swirling about in a wonderful daze, he makes sure to hold nothing back. Usage of the electric guitar soaring up into the sky adds to the spaciousness of the work. Featuring a true love of America’s wide-open spaces, the bliss of the piece comes from the way he constantly allows the song to evolve. Like going headfirst into a fantastic lovely emotion it all feels so grand as it rushes towards a wonderful, glorious finale.

“Fallin’” features a great muscular power behind it, showing off Sammy Listoe’s warmth and personality.



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