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A rustic fragment of folk, Molosser craft a soulful scene with “Ellesmere Island”.

Molosser - Ellesmere Island

A rustic fragment of folk, Molosser craft a soulful scene with “Ellesmere Island”. The sound has a raw, stripped-down beauty to it. Rather pretty, they keep things to the essentials. With only a mere voice and a guitar, they touch upon some more recent alternative folk and alternative country figures. References to Mount Eerie, Mountain Goats, and Will Oldham’s output grace much of the work. They also keep things relatively peaceful for they choose their words with care. Every verse builds with such importance.

The song begins with a mere whisper at first, letting only a few little elements into the fray. Upon her voice entering into the mix there is a pastoral quality to it. Everything wafts on up to the air, for there is a delicacy to the way that it all swirls about. From every little detail, the smallest gestures are amplified in full through the entire journey. Pace is the trick for they rush nothing, making sure every word hits perfectly. Her delivery too features quite a range, for she knows how to keep things rather low-key alongside the desire to draw attention to the power of her word choice. Quite poetic at times the way she lets the narrative evolve feels outright stunning to behold, for the balance that they maintain adds to the sense of compassion. This is a loving, living, breathing sort of work whose message lingers long after the piece has ended.

“Ellesmere Island” shows off the delicacy of Molosser in delivering a body of work that feels so intimate.



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