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A rustic slice of folksy Americana.

Kev Olden - Time We Have Left

A rustic slice of folksy Americana, Kev Olden recalls vast empty landscapes on the touching “Time We Have Left”. There is a sense of geography that helps to inform the whole of the work, from the clever lyrics that describe forgotten spaces to the patient guitar. Drums too possess an emotional quality to them for they build and build. With such attention to detail every single gesture matters. His usage of surprises, the twists and turns that are employed throughout, feel quite carefully considered as the whole of the piece has a sense of desire behind it, one that underpins everything.

Quite atmospheric with its open, it revels in the vast space. The careful growth of the sound has an elaborate quality to it, for they allow so much into the incredible world. Full of colour, there is almost an autumnal presence to the piece at first. At that hushed moment, they deliver something that has a great power behind it. Upon that impulse, he lets it become sweeping for the additional vocals give the song a sense of togetherness of sorts. Graceful and with such taste, he lets the song transform into a kind of restrained chamber pop, one similar to the likes of early Badly Drawn Boy in terms of its sheer intimacy. Lush waves wash over the listener for the well-earned finale.

“Time We Have Left” shows off Kev Olden’s uncanny ability to conjure up an entire sense of place in a way that feels outright beautiful to fully behold.



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