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A sly, seductive slice of funk meets R&B, Julia Lostrom goes for a lust-filled message.

Julia Lostrom - Walk Away (feat. Max Glyde)

A sly, seductive slice of funk meets R&B, Julia Lostrom goes for a lust-filled message with “Walk Away (feat. Max Glyde)”. Intense lyricism features a sense of yearning. Production has a flawless luxurious quality. The mixture of futuristic elements and hyper pop flourishes ensures that the song has a polish to it. Beats hit with a genteel cadence. Melodies further accentuate this sense of bliss of the work. Layer upon layer enters into the fray making sure that the song has so much depth behind it. Volume is an absolute must for the rest of the sound filters into the fray in a way that stuns the very senses.

Nor do they hold anything back from the initial hit of the sound. Woven into a fine tapestry the whole of the work has a great degree of color to it. Almost psychedelic at times the bass line features prominently. Riffs melt down into the sonic ether. Cores of the piece feature her clever wordplay. Poetic in its lightness the verses have a power to them, with each one playing off the last. Every word matters and she delivers the lines as a sheer force of nature. Done with dignity the final stretch lets loose a little bit incorporating an ever-greater amount of style into it, with even little snippets of vaporwave’s glossy shimmer further bringing the whole thing to a fantastic finale.

“Walk Away (feat. Max Glyde)” revels in Julia Lostrom’s uncanny ability to craft a universe that has such a physicality to it.



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