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A song for the downtrodden, Fields of Mildew features a contemplative message with “Fog”.

Fields of Mildew – Fog

A song for the downtrodden, Fields of Mildew features a contemplative message with “Fog”. The hushed awe of the track works to its advantage in a multitude of ways. Vocals here have an intimacy, for they speak to the listener rather than outright sing. Quite a clever approach the result is that the lyrics feel akin to an internal monologue rather than anything else. Full of creativity, their cloudy day disposition recalls a bit of slowcore’s giants, most notably Low, Codeine, and their ilk. By keeping things so slow the song’s meditative aspect gets accentuated. Nearly ambient at times, the rhythm has an emotional cadence to it rather than anything approximating timekeeping. Indeed, they seem to dilate time, expanding and contracting it at will.

Strumming guitar introduces the piece with majesty. His voice has a textural quality to it for there is an easy-going awe behind it. Full of a romantic sensibility, the song grows in an organic way. Percussion has a delicacy about it. Right in the distance additional pieces of guitar work rise up towards the heavens. With a drifting sort of disposition, it is easy to get lost in its light mysticism. By making sure that they never deviate from this impulse the song becomes a quiet triumphant little work. Lots of spaciousness further adds to the sense of geography and wide-open spaces that the song appears to fully celebrate.

“Fog” features a lushness of sorts, one that reveals Fields of Mildew to be a thoughtful, dreamy-eyed group.



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