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A sparse ballad sung straight from the heart; Mia Mormino’s “Rapunzel”

Mia Mormino – Rapunzel

A sparse ballad sung straight from the heart; Mia Mormino’s “Rapunzel” has a pastoral beauty to it. She has a light delicate touch to the whole of the piece. There is a pastoral psychedelic folk charm to the piece for the way the song has a cyclical approach feels strangely comforting. Instrumentally she keeps things to the essentials as a great deal of light enters into the fray. Everything here gets plenty of room to roam but perhaps the very core of the sound rests with her voice. Never needing to raise her voice, her captivating presence comes from her poetic delivery. Word choice is essential as the song takes the listener on a grand journey.

The introduction of the piece starts with a quiet hushed aura to it. Her voice has a commanding presence without even trying, for there is something captivating about the fragility of the arrangement. A spirit of collaboration reigns supreme for they work best as a unified whole, in support of her own unique sort of adventure. Within her voice one can sense a certain degree of longing that helps to guide things along in a way that becomes truly remarkable to fully behold. There is a degree of ambience that permeates the entirety of the piece, from the way that the melodies become richer with each reiteration to the way it all rises up in a subtle yet significant way.

“Rapunzel” shows off the deft skill of Mia Mormino in crafting a sound that truly feels distinct.



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