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A sultry, seductive pop anthem from Red Flower Lake.

Red Flower Lake - Heart Like Gold

A sultry, seductive pop anthem Red Flower Lake explores an unusual combination of styles with “Heart Like Gold”. The hit of the snare, the far-off distinct melody, the classical flourishes, the whole thing has a smoky, mysterious aura to it. When the strings hit there is a sense of noir to them, bringing to mind some of Portishead’s trip-hop in a way that has a gracefulness to it. By bringing the artificial and the organic together, she takes the best bits of both. Elegantly flowing through there is a carefulness, a cautiousness to the way that the track evolves.

Beats start the thing off and help to anchor much of the stranger aspects of the piece. Yearning wordless vocals out in the hinterlands of the track add to its spaciousness. Indeed, much of the time the song sounds infinite, as if it has been going on forever but in different variations. Her word choice adds to the rather love-drenched spirit of the piece, making it something symphonic at times. Melodies waft on up into the sky featuring some delicate touches that only add to the deliberate pacing. For the whole of the piece it all comes together and apart, for she constantly surprises the listener in a way that has a compassionate coda to it, giving the track a strong emotional richness.

“Heart Like Gold” goes right for the very soul, as Red Flower Lake brings brilliance into the oftentimes neglected space of pop music, making it as catchy as it is thoughtful.



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